Music Ministry

Engaged in Community Through Music

A number of years ago, First Congregational Church began hiring students enrolled in the music program at the University of Maine to be our church musicians and choir directors. Over time the Music Committee has reaffirmed that practice as an important part of the church’s ministry because playing the organ and piano and directing the various choirs gives practical experience to these students. At the same time, our worship is enriched and our spirits are nourished by their music, youth, support, and friendship.

Adult Voice Choir

The Adult Voice Choir is a volunteer choir of singers with various musical experience and skill. The choir sings a cappella and accompanied music in unison, as well as, two, three, and four-part harmony. If you enjoy singing, regardless of your musical skills or experience, we invite you to come to a couple of the Adult Voice Choir’s rehearsals and try us on. A former accompanist describes the choir as “kind-spirited, light-hearted, and sometimes off-task.” You may only be able to sing one or two Sundays a month, or want to sing only for special occasions, like Easter or Christmas. That’s okay!

Time Commitment: 3 Hours a week

Paul Caron Memorial Handbell Choir

The Paul Caron Memorial Handbell Choir is a volunteer multi-generational choir with various experience levels, from beginner to skilled. The choir played during worship for the first time on Easter Sunday, April 6, 1980! The choir is named in memory of Paul Mark Caron (8/19/61-8/14/78) who died as the result of a boating accident. He attended First Congregational Church of Brewer, UCC along with his parents, Charles and Shirley Caron, who were members. The choir was the brainchild of church members Ken and Dot Ward and was founded at a time when area churches were starting handbell choirs. The first two octaves of bells were purchased in December 1979; members and friends of the church bought a bell or portion of a bell, each. In 1984 and 1985, a third octave and fourth octave of bells were bought by the Caron family and members of the church. If you’re curious about what it’s like to play handbells, you’re invited to come to a couple rehearsal and find out. And, if you have ringing experience, you’re invited to join our choir.

Working List of Paul Caron Memorial Handbell Ringers


  • Jason Anderson
  • Krista Beck
  • Sally Beck
  • Gretchen Brissette
  • Kent Burrill
  • Paula Burrill
  • Marguerite Buzzell
  • Norman Buzzell
  • Sarah Clark
  • Priscilla Corey
  • Bob Cottrell
  • Cleo Cottrell
  • Glen Davis
  • Susan DeBeck
  • Chris Denbow-Wheeler
  • Rachel Downs
  • Jackie Dunbar
  • Ralph Dunbar
  • Carol Jean Forrest
  • Todd Forrest
  • Gerald Hart
  • George Harvey
  • Peg Harvey
  • Lillian Hatch
  • Mark Hayes
  • Kirsten Hibbard
  • Kate Higgins
  • Adaline Hill
  • Al Hill
  • Elmer Hunting
  • Sue King
  • Lois Leckey
  • Pat Martz
  • Paul Martz
  • Laurie McQuarrie
  • Amy Meier
  • Martha Neff
  • Martha Page
  • Anne Perloff
  • Esue Pinkham
  • Me’shach Pinkham
  • Jane Pierce
  • Ruby Ramsey
  • Dora Rexrode
  • Anastasia Salls
  • Ron Sherwin
  • Sarah Sherwin
  • Marcia Smith
  • Shirley Taylor
  • Ann Volpal
  • Dot Ward
  • Ken Ward
  • Beverly Wilson
  • J. Faye Wolfe

This is a “working” list, which means it’s not complete. If you know someone

whose name should be included, please contact the Church Office. Thanks for your help!

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